About Us

Κooqie is a company that in recent years engaged in electronic sales, all kinds of electronic devices for home or portable use.
The continuous and constant presence in our international level enables to syndiallasomaste directly with each of the factories of the products so that we can offer the best possible product at the lowest possible price.

The kooqie is not just another online "store" products simply exposes amtetrita products promote domestic importers, so the customer is faced with a plethora of useless and ultimately misleading. The kooqie exploits the continuous presence in international markets in order to collect information on new needs and innovative ideas generated in the technology sector and conclude agreements directly with factories to deliver the products to the customers.

kooqie after continuous presence on eBay and Amazon me 99% + positive feedback can guarantee the high quality of services and products as well as the after sales service as well as for us primary role played by maintaining an excellent relationship with the client, and then the market.
You can become one of the thousands of satisfied customers who trusted the kooqie and a young, smart people will be opened in front of you. The team