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Έτοιμοι για δράση, περιπέτεια ή διασκέδαση στο δρόμο; Οι action cameras αποτελούν τον ιδανικό σύντροφο. Στο ηλεκτρονικό κατάστημα Kooqie θα βρείτε επώνυμες μάρκες για να επιλέξετε τη φωτογραφική μηχανή που ανταποκρίνεται καλύτερα στις ανάγκες σας. Επιλέξτε ανάμεσα από γνωστά μοντέλα τη συσκευή που θέλετε και μην χάνετε ούτε pixel. Καταγράψτε HD φωτογραφίες, ακόμα και στις πιο αντίξοες συνθήκες, απαθανατίστε τα ταξίδια σας στην άσφαλτο και φωτογραφίστε μοναδικά τοπία και στιγμιότυπα από την καθημερινότητά σας.

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Apeman Dash Camera C450 1080p, G-Sensor, Super Night Vision, Parking monitoring

• 1080P Full HD/3.0 inch LCD: Maximum FHD 1080P supporting 4032x3024 photos, to let you enjoy the 12MP high-resolution video and helps to capture every moment and create high-resolution images in high speed.Ultra Clear 3.0 inch LCD screen and ultra wide angle to enjoy much clearer and broader visual experience while driving.

• Built-in G-sensor/Motion Detection: When the built-in gravity sensor detects a collision, the current video is locked, ensuring important footage is kept protected from being overwritten. Automatically record once detects moving subjects with 3 meters in front of the 6G lens to avoid an emergency.

• Excellent Night/Day Vision: Combined with big aperture and wide dynamic range(WDR)/HDR ensures the clarity of images at night even though in low-light environments, Framing from a wide degree angle to avoid video shooting blind area and bring you the comprehensive and superior recordings.

• Seamless Loop Recording: Cyclically record new videos under the time interval you set and automatically overwrite the recorded unlocked videos to extend the life of the memory card and record the bits and pieces while driving.

• Easy to install/Warranty: Easy to install and operate, just plug in the SD card (not included) and connect to the power supply. Provide an easy and convenient experience for older users. A 12-month warranty, a professional after-sales team, quick response to any problem, providing you with a better shopping experience. If you have any questions, feel free to contact
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