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In this category you will find makeup accessories, care tools and equipment for relaxation and wellness. Our products are aimed at men, women and children. We choose only branded products that promise to meet all your needs.

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BlitzWolf BW-LM1 Makeup Mirror with LED light, Rechargable

Spot every imperfection, and make it perfect with the BW-LM1 Makeup mirror.

Do the best makeup for yourself and be the centr of attention wherever you go!
$15.09 $11.58

Xiaomi Soocas C1 Rechargeable Sonic Electric Toothbrush for Kids, Pressure Control Function & APP

✅CHILDREN FRIENDLY——SOOCAS C1 is a sonic electric toothbrush specially designed for children. It is set with two power modes, the low mode is for younger children, the high mode is for older children. It is configured with two interchangeable panels, children can choose the toothbrush look as they want, this design makes the product and brushing experience more interesting

✅SAFE ROUNDED BRUSH——SOOCAS rubberized brush head is designed to improve the comfort of tooth brushing and protect young teeth.

✅PRESSURE SENSOR——This toothbrush is designed to have the pressure sensor function. Thus, if child brushes teeth too hard, the pressure sensor will send alert to the user and remind children to use lesser strength on the toothbrush

✅SMART TIMER——The time reminder function can help children to practice the right tooth brushing method

✅BRUSH WITH EASE——By Bluetooth connections, children can learn how to properly brush teeth by mimicking the APP’s brushing coach in the SOOCAS exclusive APP. This app offers more rewards for longer and better tooth brushing, adding interest to tooth brushing and attracting children to love tooth brushing
$40.83 $34.98

Xiaomi Soocas H3S Blow-dryer 1800W, White

Xiaomi Soocas H3S hair dryer.
$54.87 $46.68