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Apple rumored to make another move to stretch out the iPhone 8's screen

Apple may follow in Samsung's footsteps with its next iPhone in more ways than one.


We've heard a ton about the switch to an OLED screen for the upcoming iPhone 8; it's the most prevalent rumor in the whole bunch, with some extra legs due to a reported partnership with Samsung to supply the displ...

Here's how your smartphone usage can change the way you make decisions

The research suggests that moral judgements depend on the digital context in which a dilemma is presented and could have significant implications for how we interact with computers.


London: People using smartphones are more likely to make rational and unemotional decisions compared to c...

10 Common iOS 10 Problems & How to Fix Them

iOS 10 problems continue to plague iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users as we head into 2017. If you’ve run into an iOS 10 issue on your device try a fix from this list before taking your device down to the local Apple Store.


The iOS 10 beta killed off some nasty bugs but iOS 10 problems slipped thr...

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