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Brennenstuhl Desktop-Power 2-outlet Extension socket, Corner with 2*USB Charging Ports, 1.8M Cable, Black
Table socket with 2 way USB charger. Ideal for MP3 player, camera, Smartphone, Tablet, etc. 2 USB...
€29.90 -13%
Philips 8-outlet Surge Protection Strip, Multi-socket & 8-Position Voltage Protector with 2M Cable
Last piece
Secure power supply of your electronic devices   8 seats 900 J overvo...
€32.90 -27%
Allocacoc PowerCube Extended 5 Schuko AC Outlets 1.5m Green
Removable Tape The docking station that comes with PowerCube |Extended| versions can be mounted wit...
€13.90 -36%
Brennenstuhl Premium-Line 6-outlet Extension socket, with Switch & 3M Cord, Black/ Red
Elegant, slim, timeless, high-quality design. Protective contact sockets in 45° arrangement, also f...
€19.90 -20%
Brennenstuhl Eco 6-exit Surge Protection Strip, Power strip & Voltage protector 13,500A with switch & 1,5M Cable, Black
The Eco-Line 6 multiple socket outlet from Brennenstuhl in anthracite color and 1.5 m cable impresse...
€22.90 -13%
Philips 4-outlet Surge Protection Strip, Πολύπριζο & Προστατευτικό τάσης 4 Θέσεων με 2M Καλώδιο
Ασφαλής τροφοδοσία των ηλεκτρονικών σας συσκευών   -4 θέσεις -600 J προστασία από υπέρτασ...
€21.90 -23%
Brennenstuhl Alea PowerCube Multi-socket 4-socket & 2 USB Charging Ports, 1.4M Cable, Light Gray
€23.90 -21%
Philisp 5-outlet Power strip, with 5 Plugs and Switches & 2*USB Charging Ports, 1.5M Cable, White
5-way power strip with USB and power switch. It consists of 5 socket outlets at an angle of 45 degre...
Brennenstuhl Estilo Charging Station, Office Socket with Fabric Surface & 2 USB Charging Ports, 3M Cable
  . Cable length: 3,00 m Height: 18,00 cm Length: 4,00 cm Weight: 0,2...
€36.90 -46%
Allocacoc PowerCube Extended 4 Sockets & 2 USB ports, 1.5m Cable Blue
Certification   CE   Socket type  Type F   No. outlets  4   Rated AC  16A/25...
€19.90 -30%
Allocacoc PowerCube Extended 5 Sockets & 2 USB 1.5m Green
  Allocacoc PowerCube Extended  5 SOCKETS & 2 USB PORTS     This model has 5 sockets, 2 USB...
€19.90 -35%
Brennenstuhl Tower 3-outlet Power Strip, Πολύπριζο & 2 x USB-Charger με LAN Pop-Up extension, 2 x LAN-RJ45 & 2M Καλώδιο
3 Υποδοχές & 2 μέτρα καλώδιο 2 x USB θύρες φόρτισης...
€54.90 -4%
Brennenstuhl Primera 4-outlet Extension socket, Πολύπριζο με Διακόπτη, Πρίζες 90° & 1,5M Καλώδιο, Μαύρο
Last piece
Πολύπριζο Brennenstuhl από τη σειρά PrimeraΜε 4 υποδοχές σούκο, με διάταξη 90° και ενσωμ...
€17.90 -28%
Brennenstuhl Connect Eco Smart Strip Wi-FI, 6-outlet, APP Control, Smart Security Window, 16A & 1.5M Cable
The brennenstuhl Eco-Line WiFi socket strip enables you to conveniently control your devices from an...
€64.90 -42%
Brennenstuhl Estilo 6-outlet Corner Extension socket, 2*USB Charging Ports, 2M Cable, Inox Silver / Black
Last piece
The compact brennenstuhl®estilo corner extension lead made of highly break-resistant plastic and...
€39.90 -10%
Ugreen DigiNest 2-outlet Power Strip, Πολύπριζο με Θύρα Type-C 30W PD / PPS & 2 Θύρες USB FCB / QC3.0, Λευκό
Τροφοδοσία πολλών συσκευών Το πολύπριζο CD280 διαθέτει 2 USB-A ports, το καθένα προσφέρει ισχύ έως...
€37.90 -13%
Brennenstuhl Vario 5-outlet Modular Multi-socket with 2 USB Charging Ports, 1.4M Cable Cable & On / Off Switch, White
Cable length: 1,40 m Height: 26,00 cm Length: 3,80 cm Weight: 0,66 kg Width: 23,50 cm Housing c...
€32.90 -30%
Brennenstuhl Primera 8-outlet Extension socket, with Sockets 90° & 2M Cable, Black
The Primera-Line multi-socket strip has the special feature of placing the cable output variably on...
€26.90 -22%
LDNIO SEW5359 5-outlet Extension socket, With Switch 2*USB-A + 1*USB-C, Organizer Box and Wireless Charging Function
Last piece
  Convenient charging The power strip has five European AC outlets, one USB-C port and two USB-A...
€49.90 -22%
Philisp 3-outlet Power strip, 3 ports and switch & 2*USB Charging Ports, 1.5M cable, white
3 sockets2 USBPower cable 1.5 m.White2 USB 2.4A charging ports MEG. 2 USB charging port...
DNIO SEW3452 Smart Wi-Fi Power Socket, 3-outlet with 2 USB-A Ports & USB-C Port (QC3.0 & PD3.0), APP Control
  Convenient charging In addition to 3 European AC outlets, the smart strip has 4 additional USB...
€42.90 -18%
Brennenstuhl Gaming 5-outlet Extension socket, RGB LED Πολύπριζο με Διακόπτη, 2*USB Charging Ports & 1,5M Καλώδιο, Μαύρο
    LED πολύπριζο, με εντυπωσιακό, honeycomb design, 5 διαφορετικές αποχ...
€52.90 -25%
Brennenstuhl Connect WiFi Garden socket 2-way, Διπλή Έξυπνη Πρίζα Κήπου (δε χρειάζεται Hub) IP44 & 3M Καλώδιο, Μαύρη
Last piece
€46.90 -36%
Philips 4-outlet Extension socket, Πολύπριζο 4 Θέσεων με διακόπτη, Προστασία Νερού & Σκόνης IP44, 5M Καλώδιο - Κίτρινο
€47.90 -31%
Logilink LPS277 Flexible Socket 5xSchuko, Πολύπριζο 4 Πριζών Ευέλικτο, με Διακόπτη και καλώδιο 1,5μ.
Χαρακτηριστικά Προϊόντος:   5x Υποδοχές σούκο με γείωσηΕυέλικτο design, μπορεί να προσαρμοστεί σε...
€29.90 -23%
Brennenstuhl Estilo 6-outlet Corner Extension socket, Πολύπριζο Corner με 2*USB Charging Ports, 2M Καλώδιο, Ανοξείδωτο Ατσάλι
Το γωνιακό πολύπριζο brennenstuhl®estilo είναι κατασκευασμένο από υψηλής ποιότητας υλικά, ανθεκτικά...
€39.90 -18%
Blitzwolf BW-PC2 8-outlet Power Strip, Πολύπριζο Ασφαλείας 6 Θέσεων & 3*USB-A + 1*USB-C με 2M Καλώδιο
- Maximum power: 2500W- Single USB-A (QC) output: 18 W max- Single USB-C PD output: 20 W max- USB fu...
€59.90 -25%
Brennenstuhl Primera 10-output extension socket, Multi-socket with Switch of 5 & 2M Cable, Black
Out of stock
The Primera-Line 10 multiple socket outlet from Brennenstuhl in black and 2m cable impresses with it...
€33.90 -21%
Allocacoc PowerCube Original 5 Schuko AC Outlets Grey - 1100GY/DEORPC
Out of stock
Wires and tangled cords lying around not only are unpleasant looking but can also create a potential...
Allocacoc PowerCube Original 5 Sockets Red - 1100RD/DEORPC
Out of stock
Wires and tangled cords lying around not only are unpleasant looking but can also create a potential...
€10.90 -9%

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