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Newell Light Box LED shadow-less tent, 24x23cm

The Newell shadow-less tent is a great tool for product photography. It has been designed with the mobility in mind and is perfect for photographing smaller objects. The set of backgrounds and LED lighting included in the set make it possible to start working right out of the package.
$23.28 $19.77

Newell PB-FZ100 Power Bank for Sony A7III / A9, 7800mAh, Black - NL2242

Newell Power Bank PB series is a portable power bank device dedicated to powering SLR and mirrorless cameras. It combines the functions of a battery charger and a mobile power source.
$75.93 $64.23

Newell RL-10A LED Ring Light 10" (26cm.) Dimmable & 3200K-5600K Adjustable Color Temperature & Tripod

– LEDs: 120
– Maximum power: 12 W
– Nominal useful light output: 2400 LM
– Power supply: USB DC 5 V 1 A (min)
– Mounting: on a light stand (included), light tripod, using a Crab Clamp
– Type of cooling: natural ventilation
– Dimensions (mm): 260
– Weight (g): 169
$93.48 $75.93

Newell battery AB1 for DJI Osmo Action 1300mAh 3.85V - NL2147

Newell AB1 rechargeable battery for Osmo Action provides high quality, safety and advanced technology at an attractive price.
$26.79 $18.60

Newell battery for SONY NP-FV100A 3090mAh / 7.4V - NL0413

The best quality cells were used to produce Newell batteries. The capacity given in milliamps is real and ensures long working time.
$46.68 $34.98

Newell battery charger Canon LP-E12 - NL0435

Regardless of the capacity and the number of used batteries at some point it becomes necessary to charge them. With the help comes when Newell USB charger – small, professional and equipped with LED signaling the status of the process.
$11.58 $8.07