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Dreame T20 by Xiaomi Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Stick 2-in-1, 150AW, with All-in one HD Screen, Rechargeable, Silver

✓ 150 AW Suction Power: The cordless vacuum cleaner can generate up to 150 AW suction power and 25K PA suction force. That ultra-strong suction power allows the T20 to clean deeper and more thoroughly than traditional vacuum cleaners.With 26 patents for the high-speed motor alone, the SPACE 4.0 Motor can operate at 125,000 RPM.

✓ Hair Tangle-free Design: Ever had a family’s worth of hair tangled in a vacuum roller? Not a problem for vacuum cleaner T20. Thanks to a set of hair tangle-free design built into the roller, which can peel off any hair that would get wrapped around the roller during operation, your Dreame T20 won’t have any issues, even when cleaning a house full of pets and people.

✓ 4-level Working Modes: Our homes are full of different types of surfaces, each with different cleaning needs. But who wants to spend their time worrying over that? The vacuum cordless T20 features four distinct cleaning modes that you can switch between at the press of a button, changing the suction level to fit any surface.

✓ Multi Functional Brushes: The cordless handheld vacuum comes with several handy brushes. The crevice nozzle, 2-in-1 brush, all-surface brush, and mite removal brush are all easy to use and easy to install. You’ll be able to handle anything! From marble floors to car seats and hard-to-reach corners, Dreame has you covered.

✓ Intelligent Suction Power Optimization: The stick vacuum’s intelligent auto mode adjusts suction power across floor types. This ensures you get a deep clean throughout your home, while also preserving battery run-time and working lifetime. Note:We offer a 1-year warranty for Dreame T20.
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Dreame T20 by Xiaomi Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Stick 2-in-1

The Dreametech T20 cordless vacuum cleaner uses aviation-level engineering to bring world-class cleaning power to your home, car, or anywhere you need it. Its multiple filtering systems capture dust from your home and trap it with almost perfect effectiveness, releasing clean, fresh air into your home. 


From carpets and bedding to car seats and corners, the T20's multifunction accessories leave dust with nowhere to hide. DreameTech T20's unique, patented innovations improve efficiency, portability, ease of use, and especially cleaning power, putting the best cleaning technologies available in your hands. 


Swappable Battery:

Worried about marathon cleaning sessions? With a high-quality battery, T20 provides up to 70 minutes of uninterrupted run-time. With a dual charging and wall-mounted storage dock, you'll be able to charge both batteries at once.


Mite Removal Brush:

The T20 features a specialized mite removal brush that makes it perfect for cleaning up cloth, pillows, and quilts. This easily accessible brush cleans deep into fabrics to remove even the most stubborn dirt, dust, and 99.9% of mites.


Finger-Free Design:

Our electronic lock trigger offers continuous or non-continuous modes, to suit your needs. Continuous mode activates at the press of a button, and stops until you press it again. Switch to non-continuous mode, and the motor works only as long as you're pulling the trigger, and will stop as soon as you release.

Super Suction Crevice Nozzle:

Super Suction of the crevice nozzle can help you clean up easily even untouchable places like gaps in wood or tile flooring. Whether large grain or fine dust, it can be easily sucked out and cleaned.


0.6L Detachable Dust Cup:

Have a bad spill? Take care of it without getting your hands dirty! The DreameTech Dust Cup is 0.6L larger in capacity than comparable models, and can be emptied with just one press before being washed. You can keep your hands clean the whole time.         


V-Shaped All-surface Brush:

Deeply clean all types of floors. Its long and soft bristles help clean dirt and dust in the cracks of the hard floors, while the short and rigid nylon bristles can tap out hidden dust mites from the carpet effectively to save valuable time.         


8-Stage Noise Reduction:

Need to clean the house, but afraid you’ll wake up your neighbor? The DreameTech features 8-Stage noise reduction technology, so you can tidy up without fear of disturbing others in the next room.     


Wall-Mounted Storage:

The wall-mounted storage docking stations can ensure vacuum fit for different heights and can be stored neatly near the closet or at the corner. Wall mount helps you hold the product easily when you need, and save more space.


3.74lbs Lightweight Design:

The advanced, lightweight design of the T20 weighs only 3.74lbs! This makes it easy to use, and easy to carry from room to room or floor to floor. Want to pack up the DreameTech and take it in your trunk? Not a problem!

Weight: 1800.00 g

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