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PetKit Pura AIR Smart Οdor Eliminator, for Pet with Motion Detection

The PetKit smart odor eliminator is perfect for any cat owner's home. It effectively purifies the air and eliminates odors. With 2 operating modes, you can adjust its operation to your expectations. The infrared sensor detects the presence of your pet and makes the device react accordingly. The use of the device is made easier by 3 color indicators. You will need 3 AAA batteries to power the device.

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Advanced sensor

Pura Air has a built-in infrared sensor. It automatically detects the presence of your pet - all you have to do is place your pet within its range. It provides increased accuracy to the device and ensures that it can start refreshing the air immediately when needed.


Choose the best mode for you

To provide you with comprehensive odor protection and even more effective air freshening, Pura Air supports 2 modes. In the first one, the device automatically starts eliminating odor when your pet comes within its range. If you choose the second, it will automatically run every 6 hours, ensuring good air quality all day long.



The device is equipped with a polymer filter. The extract from about 20 plants was used in its production. Non-toxic and safe for health - it effectively absorbs unpleasant odor and breaks down its particles, such as nitrogen, for example. It also prevents the multiplication of bacteria. All this means that you will enjoy clean, fresh air with PetKit Pura Air. (The filter can work effectively for about 3 months).


Discover the power of negative ions

The odor eliminator also uses high-activity negative ions to provide even more effective air freshening. They prove to be effective against viruses and also absorb dust and fine particles. They are also responsible for inhibiting the growth of bacteria. Using Pura Air, you will take care not only about the excellent quality of air in your home, but also about your health.


Large refresh range

As many as 5 air channels enable effective odor elimination. They have been placed at different angles, which translates into an increased range of action of the device. With the help of Pura Air you will effectively take care of refreshing the air in your home and quickly forget about the unpleasant odor.


Quickly check the status of your device

3 color light indicators will provide you with the necessary information regarding the status of your appliance. White means that the canister is working. When the red light comes on, you need to replace the batteries (3 AAA batteries provide up to 3 months of battery life). The yellow light indicates that the filter needs to be replaced.




Brand PetKit
Dimensions 164x40x32mm
Color White
Material ABS
Power source 3 AAA batteries (not included)
Workload <0.5A
Operating voltage 4.5V

Product information

Packing weight 500 g
Barcode 6931580101709

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