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Ringke Cable 1.2μ. USB-C σε USB-C 3.1, Naylon Braided, Black

SuperSpeed Syncing - High-speed USB Type-C Gen 1 (USB 3.1) supports up to 5Gbps data transferring and syncing. Transfer speed up to 10x faster than USB 2.0. Outstanding durability to sync data with a hassle-free connection to your devices.

Quick and Fast Charging - Safely charge the device with a U56k? resistor. Supports up to 4x faster than standard charging cords with compatible fast charge wall charger. Increase the lifespan of your device with faster-charging speed than standard cables

Universal Compatibility - Ringke USB Double Type C Cable can be used in any directions with no restrictions. Manage your device without any frays or loose portends with the reversible braided cable. Transfer and Sync data between any USB Type-C devices: MacBook, Samsung Galaxy, LG, Huawei, OnePlus, Google Pixel, Nintendo Switch, and tablets.

Detailed Finish - Premium cotton braided cord with aluminum housing features long-lasting protection during everyday use. Arrange and organize 4 feet cable with an enclosed cable tie. Adjust the length as you need. Innovative design with superior cord appearance complements your new tech gadgets with reliable charging.

Well-built Accessory: Durable copper wire covered in Aluminium case to minimize data loss and any external electromagnetic noises while maximizing signal quality and provide stronger resistance to primarily focus on syncing and charging.
Brand: Ringke
Sku: 201904
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Package Includes:
2 Ringke USB Type C to C Cable
1 Ringke Mess-Free Cable Tie

High-Quality Cotton Braided
Tangle-free braided cables in 4 feet (1.2 meters) with smart fray resistant protectors resist tangles and damage to primarily focus on providing your latest tech with a high-end complete charging experience.
Ringke USB C to C cables can be safely used without any trouble due to heat or damage, unlike other standard cables.

Super Speed (SS) USB for Syncing & Charging
Get high-speed data sync up to 5Gbps and fast charging speed up to 4 times faster with tear-resistant connectors for USB Type C to C ports on all your latest tech devices and gadgets.
It is compatible with all Android smartphones: Samsung Galaxy / LG / Google Pixel / Huawei / OnePlus, as well as MacBook, Chromebook, Nintendo Switch, Tablets, and Laptop computers.

Enhanced Durability
The lint-free cotton cord prevents disconnection due to bending when using cables and helps to block various noise and electromagnetic waves.
Premium Aluminum Housing protects transmitted signals from external electromagnetic noise and minimizes data loss.
It provides a stronger resistance to primarily focus on providing your latest tech with a high-end complete charging experience.

Convenient Usage
The USB-C 3.1 Gen 1 type are reversible, bi-directional insertion type that can be inserted either way, in any direction.
Adjust the length of your cord with our complementary cable tie and keep your desk or workspace uncluttered and organized.
Your data can be transferred safely and quickly anywhere, at any time without any hassle.

*Please check if the available device is compatible with USB Type-C Cable.
*This cable is not compatible with Micro B (5 pin), Mini B, or Lightning Cable.

Weight: 100.00 g

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