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Roborock S7MaxV Ultra Robot Vacuum and Sonic Mop with Empty Wash Fill Dock, Auto Mop Washing, Self-Emptying, Self-Refilling, ReactiveAI 2.0 Obstacle Avoidance, 5100Pa Suction

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The S7 MaxV Ultra becomes easier to use than ever before and enables 100% hands-free operation


The state-of-the-art dock allows the dust collection bin to be emptied automatically, the mop to be cleaned, the water tank to be filled, and even the unit to be self-cleaned!


The Empty Wash Fill Dock automatically fills the S7 MaxV water tank each time it returns to the cradle. The flow control system during the mop operation, allows the robot to cover an area of ​​300m² / 3230 sqft.


The advanced ReactiveAI 2.0 algorithm in combination with the built-in RGB camera acts as a powerful processing unit, for the detection of obstacles and objects in the field of view of the broom. They calculate their size and distance in space, making it easier to navigate the S7 MaxV and creating more efficient, smarter cleaning routines.


The camera allows the robot to identify the furniture in each room and place it precisely on the digital mapping board through the application. In addition, it can identify floors and suggest appropriate presets for wiping and mopping them.


The S7 MaxV is distinguished for its high absorbency, which reaches 5100Pa. Effectively removes dirt, dust, stains and small debris from floors, carpets and the atmosphere, for a truly clean home.

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Vacuum more. Mop more. While emptying less, cleaning less, and doing less. Roborock S7 MaxV, combined with the Empty Wash Fill Dock, unleashes a new level of floor cleaning automation.




Auto-Mop Washing

A unique washing system washes robot mop between mopping, and when cleaning is complete. No more dragging a dirty mop around your floors.




Once the water has been added into the Empty Wash Fill Dock’s clean water tank, it will automatically add water into the S7 MaxV as required. Automatic refilling means the mop’s wetness is maintained, giving you a consistent clean throughout your home. With refills, the maximum mopping range for the S7 MaxV is 3230 sqft (300 sqm).




Automatic dust emptying means no more manually emptying the robot dustbin. The Empty Wash Fill dock pulls dust into its 2.5 L dust bag, suitable for up to 7 weeks* of cleaning.

* Actual emptying interval will depend on user habits and environmental factors.


Υποστηρίζει τροφοδοσία: 100V-120V voltage.




With a self-cleaning design, the Empty Wash Fill dock cleans itself, too, for even easier maintenance. As the mop cleaning roller moves, it also pushes dirty water into the drain, where it can be pulled into the dirty water tank.






All-Knowing Intelligence

ReactiveAI 2.0 combines structured light 3D scanning – a process which uses a pattern projected on a scene and uses pattern deformation to recognize obstacles accurately – and an all-new neural processing unit designed to execute Roborock’s machine learning algorithms, to make S7 MaxV think smarter, work faster, more easily than ever.



Νέα, αναβαθμισμένη εφαρμογή

Through the Roborock or MI Home APP applications, you can view the 3D mapping of your space, schedule cleaning routines, set boundaries and no-go zone and access the basic functions of the vacuum cleaner at any time, wherever you are






5100 Pa Intense Suction

Clean extra deeply with a maximum suction of 5100Pa* in Max+ mode, and get maximum coverage with precision LiDAR navigation.



Sonic Vibration Technology

Sonic Vibration Technology mops at up to 3000* cycles per minute to shift dry stains that traditional robot mops may leave behind.



Ultrasonic Carpet Detection

Mop floors and vacuum carpets in one clean with the auto-lifting VibraRise mop. The mop lifts* automatically when a carpet is detected to prevent dragging a dirty mop across clean floors.

* Based on internal testing carried out by the manufacturer, using Max+ mode with a full battery. Actual results may vary according to the home environment.

* Based on internal testing carried out by the manufacturer. The term relates to the integrated mop module being able to be driven to produce high-speed reciprocating vibration of up to 3000 times/min, i.e. up to a frequency of 50Hz which is within a “sonic” range (20 to 20,000Hz).

* Based on internal testing carried out by the manufacturer, the mop module can be lifted up to 5mm.

* Automatic mop lifting is only suitable for low-pile carpets no higher than 4mm.







30% Faster Charging

Charges from empty to full in only 4 hours of fast charging. Get up to 180 minutes of runtime in one clean, enough to tackle most homes.



Voice Control

Start a clean, change settings and more with the power of your voice. Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Siri Shortcuts support.





Real-Time Video Call

Video call to anywhere in your home through your robot. See who you are talking to, and hear them too.





Product information

Product weight 13100 g
Package dimensions (W x H x D) 52 x 53 x 46 cm
Packing weight 17300 g
Barcode 6970995784749
MPN S7MU52-00

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