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Roidmi S1 Special Cordless Vacuum Cleaner / Stick 2-in-1, 120AW, Rechargeable, White / Red

Roidmi S1 Special - hoover for special purposes

The Roidmi S1 Special cordless hoover impresses on many levels - functionality, a light weight of only 1.5 kg, a powerful 100,000 rpm motor and timeless design make cleaning with it a real pleasure. If you've ever thought of vacuuming as a chore, reach for the Roidmi S1 Special and see that it can be different!
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Designed for your convenience

The Roidmi S1 Special hoover is designed to serve you best. The ergonomic, 270-degree curved handle provides a secure and comfortable grip. Its wireless and lightweight design is an undeniable advantage. It is easy to use almost anywhere - it can also be used to clean places that are inaccessible to ordinary corded hoovers. So you can easily vacuum floors, ceiling, furniture space, and even your laptop or car. The thin brush, which can be freely rotated at 270 degrees, makes it easy to clean any angle.




Practical modes

The cleaning is facilitated by specific modes that allow you to adjust the performance of the hoover to your current needs. The standard mode allows you to do general housekeeping. The Max mode is ideal for difficult dirt, such as stubborn dust particles and tangled pet hair.




Easy to use

What else characterises the Roidmi S1 Special is its intuitive operation. You can start and stop the device at the touch of a button. You can also easily switch between the available modes using the sensitive button on the hoover handle.




Take care of your flat

Effective cleaning is ensured by replaceable, easy-to-clean brushes, which enable you to thoroughly vacuum various types of surfaces. The set includes a multifunctional floor brush, a crevice brush and a small brush for cleaning uneven or hard to reach surfaces. The built-in soft nylon fibre cleaning roller is perfect for cleaning wooden floors, giving them a polishing effect. So if you want to enjoy a beautiful, shiny floor, opt for the Roidmi S1 Special.




A clean and safe environment

Roidmi S1 Special provides you with the clean, allergen-free environment you need. The device filters 99% of the dust up to 0.3 μm. Thanks to such effective, first-class filtration, you can easily create a safe, perfectly cleaned house.



Impressive performance - silent operation

By choosing Roidmi S1 Special you can count on excellent efficiency. It is provided by a brushless motor that reaches a speed of up to 100,000 rpm and 415 watts. This translates into impressive suction power of 110 W and 20000 pa. The volume flow rate is also impressive, which is up to 1100 l/min in maximum mode. This means that the hoover can cope perfectly with all kinds of dirt and sweeps it out of its way like a tornado. It is also extremely quiet - the noise level is only 75 dB, so you can say goodbye to annoying noise.




Durable battery

Roidmi S1 Special also has a long lasting effect. In standard mode, a charged hoover works for up to 50 minutes, allowing you to clean your home in general. In maximum mode you can count on 10 minutes of intensive vacuuming. It only takes 2.5 hours to fully recharge the device. The Roidmi S1 Special is responsible for the fantastic performance of eight lithium batteries with a total capacity of 2200 mAH. They will do more for you - they will give you long, efficient vacuuming.




Trouble-free operation

With Roidmi S1 Special you also do not have to worry about entangled hair, clogged filters or a loss of suction power. The technology used in the device makes all these problems disappear. The air flow of the Roidmi S1 Special is so strong that it immediately sucks in hair and other waste and prevents it from settling inside the device. Say goodbye to the inconvenient brush cleaning or untangling your hair.




Save space and time

Storage of the Roidmi S1 Special is also easy. Simply use the supplied magnetic holder. You can easily attach it to the wall and then attach the hoover to it. As soon as you need to use it, you can reach for it quickly and then comfortably put it back in place when you're done cleaning. What's more, this solution allows you to charge the device at the same time with the help of the charger included in the package. This is an excellent way to save time and space!




Stunning design

Roidmi S1 Special is distinguished by its unique, ergonomic design. When the hoover is inclined at a 45 degree angle, the perfectly balanced weight of the motor and battery helps to relieve the user and ensure comfortable vacuuming. The colour scheme of the hoover is also impressive - the combination of classic white and bold, energetic red is delightful and makes the Roidmi S1 Special not only a practical but also a stylish addition to any interior.


In the box

Vacuum Cleaner ROIDMI S1 Special
Aluminium pipe
Floor brush
Crevice brush
Little brush
Cleaning tool
Additional filter
Magnetic wall mount
Power supply
User manual



Product name ROIDMI Cordless Vacuum Cleaner S1 Special
Type Cordless 
Weight 1.5 kg
Engine speed 100,000 rpm
Working time 50 min normal / 10 min turbo
Suction 20,000 Pa
Battery 2200mAH/65Wh
Charging time 2.5 h
Dustbin capacity 0.4 l
Power 415W
Color White-red
Warranty 24 months

Weight: 1800.00 g

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