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T-MAX Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro UV Liquid Full Glue Tempered Glass & UV LED Lamp, 9H AntiCrash/AntiShock, Clear (With Lamp)

The innovative T-Max glass has a surface hardness (resistance level) of 9H, which is why it is extremely resistant to scratches even when in contact with sharp objects (knife, keys). In addition, it is covered with a special oleophobic coating that reduces the number of fingerprints or other impurities.
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Discover the revolutionary new T-MAX Glass screen protector that will impress even the most demanding users!

Using Liquid Dispersion technology, T-MAX adhesive spreads and disperses evenly on the screen of the phone, including any scratches or discoloration, creating a hard and durable coating from edge to edge and at the same time repairing scratches.

Therefore, T-MAX Glass provides truly full screen coverage, greater than that of other full cover anti-scratch agents, and therefore further reduces the chance of the screen being permanently damaged. At the same time, it maintains the delicate appearance, the clarity but also the touch sensitivity.

The hard and durable T-MAX Glass uses a smart installation method with adhesive liquid and an ultraviolet UV radiation device for a complete and perfect application on the screen of your device!

Thanks to this special UV curing process as well as the quality of the adhesive liquid used to apply it, T-MAX Glass is an ideal solution as it can be placed even on cracked or broken screens, preventing the spread of cracking or breaking and protecting against extra cracks.

Its oleophobic coating removes fingerprints and makes it easy to clean the screen. In addition, it has a hardness of 9H that guarantees the protection and anti-scratch resistance of this screen protector.

Along with the screen protection of your mobile phone, however, you also enjoy increased protection in your eyes, since this protective glass reduces by 25% the harmful effect of blue light, keeping your vision at a healthy level and even benefiting the quality of your sleep.

It does not leave blisters during installation and can be easily removed from your screen without leaving marks or damage.


Weight: 100.00 g

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