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Ugears Archballista Tower

Ugears travels back in time with this model and presents the Archballista Tower. Inspired by the finest narratives, the fabulous battles and the medieval style, this tower invites you to discover its secrets and become an expert on building structures like this.
$50.19 $40.83

Ugears Aviator Wooden Mechanical 3D Puzzle

Do you fly in your dreams? Do you like the feeling? Once again Ugears makes the dream come true reaching out to the sky with its first ever aircraft model represented by two flying machines in one package. Introducing – The Aviator model.
$70.08 $46.68

Ugears Сombination Lock

Inspired by “The Da Vinci Code”. We dived into the world of conspirology, secrets and cryptography while designing our new intriguing Cryptex model.

Size models in finished form: 3.82*2.6*3.86 in (97*66*98 mm)

Package size: 14.6*6.7*1.2 in (37,5*17*3 cm)

Number of parts: 34
$29.13 $17.43

Ugears Fire Ladder

The Fire Truck is a self-propelled wooden model from the new UGEARS Trucks collection. Intelligent design mixed with smart engineering inside. The Fire Truck functions like a real Rescue& Fire Truck with turning foot, moving apart & ascending ladder, which transforms into real crane with hook.

Size models in finished form: 345*200*125 мм (13.6*7.9*4.9 inch)

Package size: 372*170*57 мм (14.6*6.7*2.2 inch)

Number of parts: 537
$111.03 $58.38

Ugears Flexi-Cubus

Flexi-Cubus - build your own working model by UGears

This structure with help you deal with everyday presure, stress and anxiety
$15.09 $9.24

Ugears Heavy Boy Truck Wooden Mechanical 3D Puzzle

Imagine – early morning: the mist crawling along the highway fills the air with a sleepy chill. It is not the coffee that wakes you up, but a turn of the key that sends the fuel along the veins of your 18-wheel beast making it purr like a giant mighty cat. You breathе in the air inside the cabin to smell a familiar mix of leather, gasoline, long days and sleepless nights on the road – and slowly drive your truck to the highway taking your time before it can release its true power and sweep ahead like a beautiful roaring monster… Have you ever experienced anything like that? Now is your chance to join the noble tribe of long-haul truckers with a “Heavy Boy Truck VM-03” model from Ugears.
$93.48 $70.08