Since 2015 the company name has been Rollei GmbH & Co. KG and it currently has a presence in more than twenty European countries. The highly diverse range of Rollei products includes digital cameras, action cams, camcorders, digital picture frames, slide film scanners, photo production tripods, as well as photo and iPhone accessories.

For us as a company, it is important to guarantee the premium quality of the brands and to communicate this to the public. 

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Rollei 20837 Compact Traveller Star S1 Black

Lightweight, ergonomic, travel-ready tripod. Suitable for those who love traveling and want a handy and functional tripod to shoot landscapes, outdoor sceneries, creative adventures and more!

▪ 3-way head
▪ Built-in spirit level
▪ Supplied with a pouch
▪ Height: 28,5-125cm
▪ Tread weight 0.57kg
▪ Weight: 2kg
▪ 4 joints
€25.90 €23.90

Rollei 20836 COMPACT TRAVELLER Star S2 Black

▪ 3-way rotating head ▪ Lifting lever ▪ Built-in spirit ▪ Supplied with case ▪ Height: 53-150cm ▪ Weight of tripod 1,29kg ▪ Strength: 3kg ▪ 3 joints
€32.90 €29.90

Rollei 28500 Light Box Mini 24x24cm

Light Box Mini [24 x 24 cm]. Ergonomic, easy to use gadget, ideal for product shooting in any lighting area. Easy and practical to use, foldable.

Rollei 21620 Smartphone Halter Wingman

Compact, smart designed smartphone holder/ mount. Universal Design, fits most devices
€13.90 €9.90

Rollei 21559 Helmet Mount

Device Mounting equipment [action camera, GoPro] - Rollei 21559
€6.90 €5.90