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Spirit of Gamer creates modern technology products, fully integrated into gaming philosophy, both at the entry level and at pro level. Based on ergonomics, connectivity with all platforms and customization to the user's individual requirements, Spirit of Gamer creates suggestions that complete gaming experience while improving your personal performance.

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Spirit Of Gamer - Race Wheel Pro for PS2 / PS3 / PC

R-ACE Wheel Pro : For PC -PS2 -PS3 / Steering wheel with 180° angle / Professional and sequential shifter paddles /Strength powerful Return / 8 analog buttons / 5 digital buttons : Mode, Select - 9 Start - 10 and L3 - 11 - R3 - 12 / Programmable funtions /spring Pedals / progressive dosing acceleration and ultra-precise braking
$70.08 $64.23