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Spirit of Gamer creates modern technology products, fully integrated into gaming philosophy, both at the entry level and at pro level. Based on ergonomics, connectivity with all platforms and customization to the user's individual requirements, Spirit of Gamer creates suggestions that complete gaming experience while improving your personal performance.

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Spirit Of Gamer Race Wheel Pro 2 for PS4 / PS3 / PC / Xbox One - SOG-RWP2

Enjoy a unique racing experience with the Race Wheel Pro 2.

Mode vibration and steering sensitivity setting of rotation angle 180 °

Integrated memory

Special elastic surface «Grip Control»

Professional gear system

Precision Pedals

Digital Cross 8-directional

eight Analog keys

4 digital keys

Combatibility: PS4 / PS3 / XBOX ONE / PC

cable length : 1.80m (steering wheel), 1.60m (pedals)
€89.90 €79.90

Spirit Of Gamer Xpert G700 RGB Wired Keyboard & Mouse & Mouse Pad Combo (PS3 / PS4 / Xbox / Nintendo Switch)

COMPATIBILITY AND PLAYABILITY: The XPERT G700 combo has been developed for gamers with FPS / MMORPG / SIMULATION on console. It will allow you to play Xbox One, PS4, PS3, SWITCH, PC .. No more joysticks and triggers that block, this combo will be your asset to aim and move fluidly.

GAMER DESIGN: The XPERT GAMEBOARD-K700 keyboard (8 preset effects) and XPERT GAMEBOARD-M700 mouse (11 preset effects) feature an LED backlight that will allow you to play day and night.

ROBUSTNESS: Non-skid pads and the XXL notched metal wheel make the XPERT-G700 a real sturdy tool. The keyboard XPERT GAMEBOARD-K700 is a mechanical keyboard blue switch ensuring strength and longevity. These two gamer tools each benefit from a USB cable sheathed and reinforced 63 Inches .

ERGONOMIC: The XPERT GAMBOARD-K700 gaming universal gaming keyboard and the XPERT-G700 mouse have been specifically designed for gamers. This combo will ensure you a great comfort thanks to the thumb rest of the XPERT-G700 mouse. The XPERT GAMEBOARD-K700 also has an integrated wrist rest.

PROGRAMMABLE: The gamers keyboard is programmable thanks to its downloadable software, enjoy 3 configurable profiles and a macro editor. Using the buttons, program the functions / shortcuts / multimedia / macros. Also full anti-ghosting. You can find this software on the Spirit of Gamer / Support / Download Center website by selecting XPERT G700 Software
€79.90 €69.90

Spirit Of Gamer Xtrem XGP wireless gamepad for Windows/PS3, 2.4GHz - SOG-RFXGP

THE ULTIMATE GAME TO WIN IN YOUR GAMES: The XGP controller was designed to play on your PC as if you were on console. Its black edition design with its red LEDs, its Rapid Fire (Turbo) or its vibrations will make you feel like on console.

LOAD YOUR BATTERIES: The 12-hour battery life of the XGP controller will give you wireless play time. A short battery? The controller comes with a USB cable that will allow you to play wired and recharge its battery (2.5H charging time).

GAMER DESIGN: Playing in the dark is no longer a problem thanks to its red LEDs allowing you to play your favorite games day or night with a great sense of control in any situation

WIRELESS: Connect its USB transmitter to your gaming tower for wireless functionality.
€36.90 €29.90

Spirit Of Gamer Xtrem XGP gamepad with cable for Windows/PS3, Blue - SOG-WXGP

Wired controller for Playstation 3 and PC

Built-in dual function: X-Input & Direct-Input for greater compatibility with all Windows Games

2 Analog sticks 360 °

8-way precision cross

Dual analog triggers and bumpers

12 digital keys (including [Home ], [Start], [Select])

Special Rapid Fire function with [Turbo]

Dual vibration mechanism

Connectivity: PS3, PC (WinXp → Win10)

LED Designs

Soft Touch Indications

Cable length: 1.80m (± 5cm)
€26.90 €21.90

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