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Veger VP3008 30000 PD 20W USB-C Power Bank 30.000mAh Power Delivery & QC3.0, Black
Specifications 2 Inputs: Micro USB Input: 5V-2.0A/9V-2.0A  Type-C Input: 5V-2.0A/...
Anker PowerCore III Elite 25600 87W PD USB-C Power Bank 25.600mAh Power Delivery - A1291H11, Black
€149.90 -31%
Anker PowerPort Speed 5 - 63W 5-Port USB Charging Hub with 2 QC3.0 Ports -A2054L11
Out of stock
Anker PowerPort Speed 5 Ports   Anker PowerPort Speed 5, 2 x Quick Charge The Accelerated 5-Port...
€49.90 -34%
Anker 2-Port Wall Charger 24W, Black
  Anker 2-Port Wall Charger 24W The High-Speed 2-Port USB Wall Charger   From ANKER, America's...
€22.90 -26%
Anker PowerDrive+ III Duo 48W 2-Port USB Car Charger with Power Delivery - A2725H11
PowerDrive+ III Duo The Dual-Port 48W High-Speed USB-C Car Charger   Dual Device Charging With 2...
€34.90 -29%
Anker PowerPort Solar  - 21W 2 Port Solar Charger - A2421011
Last piece
Anker PowerPort SolarCharge with the power of the sun From ANKER, America's Leading USB Charging Br...
€99.90 -20%
Anker PowerCore III 20K USB-C Power Bank 20.000mAh - A1364G11, Black
Ultra-high capacity The massive 20,000mAh capacity provides more than 5 and a half charges for iP...
€49.90 -4%
Anker Powerline Micro USB 1m - A8132G11, Black
Anker Powerline Micro USB 1m, Black - A8132G11 Anker Powerline Micro USB, made out of strong and du...
€7.90 -25%
Anker PowerLine+ cable 1.8m Micro USB to USB 2.0 with braided nylon- A81430A1, black
?  Anker PowerLine+ Micro USB - USB 2.0   The Premium Heavy-Duty Charging Cable      Unrivaled...
€14.90 -47%
Anker Powerline Micro USB 6ft cable - A8133011, Grey
Anker Powerline Micro USB 6ft, Grey Get your Anker Powerline Micro USB 6ft in black colour. With mi...
€8.90 -22%
Anker PowerWave Qi 7.5/10/15W Wireless Charger / Stand with Power Adapter - B2529GF1
Last piece
Universal Compatibility With a total of 4 charging modes ranging from 5W to 15W, PowerWave II Stand...
€59.90 -33%
Anker 511 Nano 3 Plug Charger 30W Type-C with GaN PD / PIQ3.0 / PPS & ActiveShield 2.0, Aurora White
  For PhonesCharge an iPhone 13 to 50% up to 3 times faster than an old 5W charger, or to 100% in...
€25.99 -10%
Anker PowerCore III Sense 10K PD USB-C Power Bank 10.000mAh Power Delivery - A1248G11, Black
PowerCore III Sense 10KFeatures an 18W USB-C delivery port, PowerIQ-enabled USB-A port and continuou...
€52.90 -38%
Anker PowerPort Atom III Slim - 65W 4-Port USB Charging Hub with 1 PD/PIQ3.0 port 45W and GaN - A2045111
High-Speed Charging Use the 45W USB-C port to charge an iPad Pro 12.9” in 2 hours, or charge USB-C...
€69.90 -36%
Anker Powerline+ Cable USB-C 10ft. with Nylon Braided- A8267091, Red
Out of stock
Incredible DurabilityProven to last at least 6 times as long as other cables, it boasts a bend toler...
€24.90 -40%
Anker Cable 2m, Micro USB to USB 2.0, Nylon braided
Anker Cable 2m, Micro USB to USB 2.0, Nylon braided   From ANKER, America's Leading USB Charging B...
€13.90 -43%
Veger VP1140 10000 PD 20W USB-C Mini Power Bank 10.000mAh Power Delivery & QC3.0 & HFC & Super VOOC, Black
Last piece
  Dual Fast Charging Outputs  Dual recharging inputs and dual fast charging outputs. T...
€28.90 -24%
Veger VLS302U 2-port wall charger 30W Type-C with PD / QC3.0 / PPS, White
Veger's charging adapter can replace the one you had or improve the charging of your mobile phone if...
€14.90 -34%
Anker PowerDrive PD+ 2, 35W 2-Port Compact Type C Car Charger - A2732GF1
PowerDrive PD 2+ With two USB-C ports equipped with full-speed charging technology, the PowerDrive...
€32.90 -43%
Anker PowerPort III mini wall charger 30W Type-C with Power IQ 3.0 - A2615321
PowerPort III mini  The extremely compact 30W wall charger      Introducing PowerIQ 3.0 Our ex...
€32.90 -27%
Ugreen 180° Type-C Cable 6ft, Nylon Braiding, Black - 70315
Last piece
Safe and Reliable  This USB C charging cable fully complies with USB-C fast charge protocol and a b...
€16.90 -67%
Anker 633 PowerCore MagGo 10K, Magnetic Power Bank 10.000mAh for iPhone 14 / 13 Series, Interstellar Gray
Two-Way Fast Charging With a maximum input and output of 20W, the pow...
€79.90 -21%
VEEKTOMX L30 30000 PD 20W USB-C Power Bank 30,000mAh Power Delivery & QC3.0, Black
Product Description power bank fast charging     Power bank fast charging, 30000mah external b...
€44.90 -22%
Anker PowerWave 2 Sense Qi 7.5/10/11/15W Wireless Charger Set with Wall Charger & Cable, Black - B2519GF1
Fast-Charging for Google Pixel Unlike many other wireless chargers, PowerWave provides charging up...
€49.90 -40%
Anker PowerSolar 24W Foldable Solar Charger 3 Ports Solar Charger - A2424011
PowerSolar 3-port 24 W The highly efficient, compact solar charger   Smart solar energy PowerSol...
€119.90 -46%
Baseus MVP Elbow Corner 90 ° Cable 1m. Micro USB to USB 2.0 With Nylon Weave - CAMMVP-B01, Black
Baseus Cable USB Type-C With a reinforced design, it supports Quick Charge 3.0 loading and data exc...
€9.90 -61%
Ugreen Mini wall charger 20W Type-C with Power Delivery, PPS, Quick Charge 4.0, White- 10220
  20 W fast charging, so small, so cool, so good performance From 0 to 100% complete i...
€17.90 -28%
Veger Y56 Magnetic Stand, MagSafe Wireless Magnetic Charger for iPhone 12 / 13 / 14 Series, Black
Charges all devices that support wireless charging:   Apple:  iPhone 13 Pro , iPhone 13 mini , iPh...
€32.90 -26%

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