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Ugreen HDMI 2-1 Switch 4K@60Hz HDCP 2.2, For transmission of 2 sources on 1 Monitor, 40m. 1080p transmission with Remote
The Ugreen HDMI 2-in-1 Switch offers a practical solution for connecting 2 sources to 1 monitor for...
€27.90 -47%
Ugreen KVM Switch, 2 in - 1 for, 4 devices, USB (Mouse, Keyboard, Scanner) & 1 HDMI (Monitor, Projector) to 2 PC
The switchable USB HDMI port has 4 USB ports, which allow you to connect one complete keyboard in a...
€69.90 -21%
Ugreen VGA 4 in - 1 Out Switch, 4 Sources in 1 Monitor, 1080P@60Hz with 1.5m. Cable, Black
4-port switch for connecting a VGA monitor to 4 sources. Supports Full HD 1080P @ 60Hz resolution....
€29.90 -23%
Ugreen HDMI 2-1 Switch/Splitter 4K Bidirectional - 50966
Out of stock
UGREEN HDMI switch offers 2 HDMI inputs for your devices to connect with 1 HDMI Display monitor, wit...
€19.90 -50%
Ugreen HDMI 1-2 Splitter 4K@30Hz HDCP, For 1 source to 2 monitors, 40m. 1080p relay
Out of stock
  HDMI 1.4 Version Support 4K@30Hz,3D, HDCP Input: 1 port HDMI Output: 2 ports HDMI Supports 40...
€37.90 -47%
Ugreen HDMI 1-4 Splitter 4K@30Hz HDCP, For transmission of 1 source to 4 monitors, 40m. 1080p relay
Out of stock
TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: HDMI Version 1.4 VersionSupports resolution: 4K/30Hz, 3D, HDCP, 1080PInp...
€45.90 -24%
Nordic SGM-154 4-to-2 HDMI Switch with Audio Extractor and ARC, 4K 60Hz, HDCP 1.4, 5.1 Surround, Black
Out of stock
  Characteristics   • Support for resolution up to 4K @ 60Hz• Support for 600 MHz 6 Gbps per chan...
€59.90 -28%

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