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LUCKEA Σετ Γυμναστικής με 5 Ιμάντες Ενδυνάμωσης, Λαβές, Περικάρπια, Στερέωση Πόρτας, Σχοινάκι, Manual & Θήκη
    Ασφαλή & Αποδοτικά Κατασκευασμένα από natural latex, ανθεκτικό υλικό, που αποτρέπει τ...
€29.90 -17%
Stryve Mini Bands, Resistance Tires for Fitness, Set of 4 Resistance Loop Bands & Case (Various Levels of Resistance)
  Training book and bag included:To make your training even more effective, we'll give you online...
€32.00 -38%
Songmics Magnetic Exercise Bike Upright Folding, Set with Floor Mat
    Training for and with heart: With this cardio trainer from SONGMICS you can strengthen y...
€219.95 -27%
Stryve Balance Ball 65cm, Fitness Ball with Non-slip Surface Smooth Made in Italy, All Black
Last piece
Balance function:Due to the minimal weight reinforcement on the inside, the Balance ball balances it...
€119.00 -58%
Stryve Active Sitting Ball 65cm, Non Slip Surface Vegan Leather, Natural Brown
Balance ball: Thanks to the weight reinforcement inside, the STRYVE ball balances. This means that t...
€169.00 -6%
Stryve Training Bands, Fabric Resistance Bands for Gymnastics, Set of 3 Resistance Loop Bands (Various Levels of Resistance)
Stryve Training Bands are ideal for various exercises and sports. For example for workouts or stren...
€26.90 -26%
Stryve Push-Up 360, Rotating Push-Up Handles with non-slip grip
Last piece
360° rotationThe rotation of the handles allows the arms to rotate naturally during the exer...
€49.95 -60%
Stryve Kettlebell 6kg with Ergonomic Handle, Black
It comes in various weights. Ideal for professional use. Premium, robust design...
€94.95 -58%
Stryve Recovery Ball, Massage and Muscle Recovery Ball, Black
The massage and muscle recovery ball is the ideal companion after any intense exercise, yoga or pila...
€29.95 -57%
Stryve Balance Pad 48 x 38 x 6cm, Black
The mat for coordination exercises.  Why we designed a better balance pad: The Balance Pad complem...
€44.95 -56%
Stryve Trigger Tool, onpoint®we Technology Self Massage Tool, Massage Device with 3 Heads
Finally, you can give a solution for pulls, grips and places where you feel intense pain or discomfo...
€69.95 -57%
Stryve Reflector Clips, Light Reflector Clips for Night Exercise - M, Set of 2 (1 Mini & 1 Large) - OPEN CASE
Last piece
    Material: 100% silicone, neodymium magnet   Installation examples for greater safety...
€17.95 -56%
Ugreen Waterproof Belt Pouch for Smartphones - 20818
Out of stock
Convenient: Ugreen waist belt allows you to have full use of your hands, more convenient than...
€12.90 -27%
Stryve Protective Grip Pads, Set of 2
Out of stock
Firm grip and readjustment of the grip and grip without dropping the pads.   Snap...
€26.00 -62%
Homathlon Mykonos Inflatable SUP Board 11', with Drop Stitch Technology & Length 3.35m
Out of stock
  Characteristics:   •  Made of polyester and PVC with drop-stitching technology, which allows...
€369.90 -26%
Stryve Reflector Clips, for Night Exercise - M, Set of 3 (2 Mini & 1 Large)
Out of stock
    Material: 100% silicone, neodymium magnet   Installation examples for greater safety...
€17.95 -45%
Stryve Active Sitting Ball 70cm, Non Slip Surface Vegan Leather, Natural Brown
Out of stock
Balance ball: Thanks to the weight reinforcement inside, the STRYVE ball balances. This means that t...
€159.00 -57%
Songmics Dumbbells, Vinyl Non-Slip Grip Dumbbell Set, Set of 2 x 5kg, Matte Black
Out of stock
  Convenient to store.   Thanks to the hexagonal shape, the dumbbells do not roll a...
€44.90 -11%
Songmics 2-in-1 Dumbbells, Set with 20kg Bar, Adjustable Dumbbells with Non-Slip Grip, Matte Black
Out of stock
SONGMICS always provides great fitness accessories for those who are building towards their ideal bo...
€44.90 -11%
Stryve Runner's Keychain, for Running
Out of stock
    Neodymium magnets: Jog carefree with the closed keychain on your belt - neodymium magnets ma...
€14.95 -34%
AJ Edge Armband Phone Holder for Running, Περιβραχιόνιο / Θήκη Μπράτσου Γυμναστικής για Smartphone, L, Camo White
Expected soon
ΤΟ ΤΕΛΕΙΟ ΔΩΡΟ ΓΙΑ ΚΑΘΕ ΔΡΟΜΕΑ   Περιβραχιόνιο γυμναστικής AJ, για τοποθέτηση smartphone & μικ...
€14.90 -54%

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