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Luxury Candles Hazelnut Chocolate Diffuser, room fragrance 100ml with hazelnut chocolate scent, with bamboo sticks
For real chocolate lovers, the Hazelnut Chocolate room fragrance will fascinate you with its sweet a...
Luxury Candles Salted Caramel Candle, 100 Hours, 500gr
Luxury Candles Pumpkin Pie Set, Perfumed Candle Set in 100 Hour Jar, 500gr & Perfume Jar 100ml Pumpkin Pie Perfume
The Pumpkin Pie set includes:     • Orange scented candle: Pumpkin Spice (400g – 110 burning hour...
Luxury Candles Festive Gingerbread Set, 100 Hour Jar, 500gr & Gingerbread Air Freshener 100ml
Festive Gingerbread   SET Scented candle & air freshener FESTIVE GINGERBREAD
Luxury Candles Grandma's Kitchen Set, Perfumed Candle Set in 100 Hour Jar, 500gr & Perfumed Candle Holder 100ml Grandma's Kitcen Perfume
Enjoy the aroma of freshly baked apple pie that has just come out of the oven, with the Christmas no...
Luxury Candles Melomakarono Set, Perfumed Candle Set in 100 Hour Jar, 500gr & Perfumed Candle Holder 100ml Melomakarono Perfume
Enjoy a Christmas atmosphere with the festive aroma of gingerbread! The set includes:   ➤ Scented...
Luxury Candles Almond Croissant Candle, 80 Hours, 400gr
Out of stock
Travel to a classic French patisserie. The warm, buttery notes of the freshly baked croissant blend...
Luxury Candles Salted Caramel Set, 100 Hour, 500gr Candle & air freshener 100ml Salted Caramel Perfume
Out of stock
Enjoy the sweet aroma of caramel, with hints of vanilla and butter! The set includes: ➤ Scented ca...
Luxury Candles Melomakarono Candle, 100 Hours, 500gr
Out of stock
➤ Scented candle: - Perfume: Melomakarono (clove, cinnamon, orange & honey notes) - Decoration...

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