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Brennenstuhl Connect Smart WiFi LED lamp, White & RGB 9W E27 (No Hub needed), 800 lm
The smart brennenstuhl®Connect WIFI LED light bulb allows you to control your home from anywhere. Op...
€16.90 -41%
Brennenstuhl Travel Adapter, Travel Adapter from GB to Schuko for English Device in Greek Socket
The black travel plug from Brennenstuhl for the socket is ideal for traveling and for vacation and i...
Brennenstuhl Euro Socket, Schuko socket with On / Off Switch, White
The adapter plug from Brennenstuhl with a protective contact socket in white and with a switch for t...
€4.90 -20%
Brennenstuhl Travel Adapter, Travel Adapter from Schuko in Italy for Greek Device in Italian Socket
The black travel plug from Brennenstuhl for the socket is ideal for traveling and for vacation and i...
€5.90 -8%
Brennenstuhl Eco-Line Power Strip, 10 Position Safety Power Strip with Switch & 3m Cable, Black
Brennenstuhl Eco-Line Power Strip       Eco-Line Socket Strip with Switch 10-Way10-way...
€29.90 -27%
Brennenstuhl Eco 8-outlet Extension socket, Power strip with Switch & 3M Cable, Black
The Eco-Line 8 multiple socket outlet from Brennenstuhl in black and 3 m cable impresses with its qu...
€17.90 -22%
Brennenstuhl CAL 1 LED Camping Lamp 350lm & Power Bank Function
Rechargeable camping lamp (10 - 350 lm) with adjustable light colour: The colour temperature can be...
€49.90 -32%
Brennenstuhl Primera-Line Digital Weekly Timer DT, 20 modes, Digital screen & Timer, IP 44
The digital weekly timer from Brennenstuhl in silver impresses with its quality and safety in all ar...
€20.90 -10%
Brennenstuhl Adapter 2 Euro Sockets, Schofo socket TAF in 2 EU sockets, White
Last piece
Height: 4,00 cm Length: 13,00 cm Weight: 0,04 kg Width: 4,00 cm Housing colour: white Degree of...
€4.40 -57%
Brennenstuhl 2m. Cable with Flat & Angle Plug, Schuko Angled Flat Plug Extension Cable 3x1.5mm², Black
The quality plastic extension cable with flat plug from Brennenstuhl in white impresses with its qua...
€12.90 -31%
Brennenstuhl Digital 7 Day Weekly Timer, With 10 Mode timer, Digital Screen & IP 44 Protection
LCD display for week days, hours in 12 and 24 hour format, minutes and seconds as well as mode. 10...
€18.90 -26%
Brennenstuhl Eco 6-exit Surge Protection Strip, Power strip & Voltage protector 13,500A with switch & 1,5M Cable, Black
The Eco-Line 6 multiple socket outlet from Brennenstuhl in anthracite color and 1.5 m cable impresse...
€22.90 -31%
Brennenstuhl Moisture Detector MD, Moisture Meter, with LCD Display
Display via large LCD display (in percent, resolution 0.1%) and acoustic (can be switched off) Robu...
€25.90 -8%
Brennenstuhl Estilo 4-outlet Extension socket, Power strip Corner with Switch 2 * USB Charging Ports, 2M Cable, Stainless Steel
Last piece
The compact brennenstuhlestilo corner socket strip made of highly break-proof plastic and high-quali...
€44.90 -42%
Brennenstuhl Eco 3-outlet Surge Protection Strip, Power strip & Voltage protector 13,500A with switch & 1.5M Cable, Black
Cable length: 1,50 m Height: 27,00 cm Length: 6,00 cm Weight: 0,39 kg Width: 11,50 cm Housing c...
€19.90 -30%
Brennenstuhl Secure-Tec 6-outlet Surge Protection Strip, 19.500Α with switch & 2M cable
The Secure-Tec 6-way multiple socket outlet from Brennenstuhl in gray and 2m cable impresses with it...
€29.90 -20%
Brennenstuhl Premium-Protect 14-outlet Surge Protection Strip, 120.000Α USB-Charger & 3M cable
Last piece
The Premium-Protect-Line 14 high-end socket strip from Brennenstuhl in black and 3m cable impresses...
€121.90 -2%
Brennenstuhl OLI 310 AB LED Outdoor Light, Flashlight / Outdoor Lighting & Camping, Rechargeable + BT Speaker 3W
The rechargeable LED outdoor light by brennenstuhl with integrated Bluetooth speaker is ideal for ou...
€42.90 -42%
Brennenstuhl Alea PowerCube Multi-socket 4-socket & 2 USB Charging Ports, 1.4M Cable, Light Gray
€23.90 -25%
Brennenstuhl Alea PowerCube Multi-socket 4-socket with Mounting Base, 1.4M Cable, Light Gray
    Socket cube for space-saving workspace design Cable l...
€17.90 -28%
Brennenstuhl Desktop-Power 2-outlet Extension socket, Corner with 2*USB Charging Ports, 1.8M Cable, White
Table socket with 2 way USB charger. Ideal for MP3 player, camera, Smartphone, Tablet, etc. 2 USB...
€29.90 -43%
Brennenstuhl MZ 20 Mechanical Timer Socket, Mechanical Daily Timer Socket, Gray
Brennenstuhl MZ 20    The mechanical timer from Brennenstuhl in gray impresses with its quality an...
€10.90 -41%
Brennenstuhl Connect WiFi socket, Smart Outlet (No Hub needed) IP44, WA 3000, Voice Control, Black
Last piece
    The brennenstuhlConnect WIFI socket WA 3000 XS02 from brennenstuhl enables control f...
€29.90 -43%
Brennenstuhl Connect Filament Smart LED bulb WiFi, Vintage Style, 470lm Dimmable, 2200K, E27 (no hub needed), Globe
The smart brennenstuhl®Connect WiFi Filament led bulb Globe in vintage design allows you to control...
€22.90 -35%
Brennenstuhl Eco-Line 6-outlet Strip, Power Strip with Switch & 1.5M Cable, Black
Technical data Cable designation: H05VV-F 3G1,5 Cable length: 1,50 m Height: 36 cm Length: 9 c...
€14.90 -40%
Brennenstuhl Estilo 5-outlet Multiple Port PD USB Charger, Wall Charger 4-ports 41W with Power Delivery, 1.5M Cable, Inox
Last piece
  Fast USB charger with 4x USB-A ports (max. 4.2A output) and 1x intelligent USB-C port (Power De...
€49.90 -40%
Brennenstuhl Timer switch MZ 44, Mechanical Daily Timer Outdoor Socket IP44
Brennenstuhl Timer switch MZ 44   The mechanical timer from Brennenstuhl with IP44 protection for...
€12.90 -47%
Brennenstuhl Rechargeable LED Work Light, IP20, USB-C, Max Brightness 200lm & Battery Life up to 12 Hours
Brennenstuhl Rechargeable Torch   Thanks to its powerful COB LED, the battery-powered LED...
€26.90 -26%
Brennenstuhl Connect Ecolor Smart Strip Wi-FI, 4-outlet, APP Control, 16Α
Convenient voice control The WiFi power strip from brennenstuhlConnect allows convenient voice cont...
€49.90 -26%
Brennenstuhl Solar LED Light, Solar LED Spotlight 4W, 350lm with Motion Detection & Cable 4.75m.
Brennenstuhl Solar LED Light       Technical data     Capacity: 2,20 Ah Battery technolo...
€86.90 -20%

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