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Newell Battery Charger  Sony NP-FP / NP-FH / NP-FV - NL1248
Last piece
Specifications – power supply: 5 V, 1 A– charging current of 8.4 V, 500 mA– dimensions of the char...
€9.90 -40%
Newell Light Box LED shadow-less tent, 24x23cm
The Newell shadow-less tent is a great tool for product photography. It has been designed with the m...
€19.90 -15%
Newell Battery Charger Sony NP-F / NP-FM, Ultra Fast with Battery Level Indicator - NL0467
Last piece
High charging speedThe Newell charger offers a charging current of 1600mA, so you can charge your ba...
€22.90 -26%
Newell M40 Light Box LED shadow-less tent, 44x44cm Photoshoot Cube - NL2333
Super power 8000 lux, a bar temperature of 5500 K and a colour rendering index CRI of 92+ will achi...
€79.90 -25%
Newell Battery SPJB1B for GoPro Hero 8 1220mAh 3.85V - NL0506
Out of stock
A built-in intelligent safety system based on the IC electronics regulates the charging process. Thi...
€24.90 -44%
Newell AA 2500mAh 1.2V Rechargeable Batteries Ni-MH Ready To Use 4 Pcs
High quality High quality cells were used for the production of the batteries. The capacity is real...
€10.90 -28%
Newell Thor U2000 UPS 2000VA / 1200W with LCD Display, 3x Schuko / USB port / RJ45 port
Out of stock
  The Newell Thor U2000 UPS is a device that will protect you from damage to your electronic equipm...
€199.90 -25%
Newell Battery Charger  Nikon EN-EL19 - NL0657
Out of stock
Compact Charger Newell is the smallest such device available for purchase. Its compact size makes it...
€9.90 -40%
Newell Battery Charger  Sony NP-FW - NL1187
Specifications – power supply: 5 V, 1 A– charging current of 8.4 V, 500 mA– dimensions of the charge...
€9.90 -40%
Newell RL-18A LED Ring Light 18" (48cm.) Dimmable & 3200K-5500K Adjustable Color Temperature & Tripod
The Newell ring lamp is fitted with a diffuser to give you a pleasant, soft light without the need f...
€149.90 -33%
Newell Battery AABAT-001 for GoPro Hero 5 / 6 / 7 1220mAh 3.85V - NL1006
Newell AABAT-001 lithium-ion battery dedicated to GOPRO Hero 5, 6 and 7 sports cameras is a high qua...
€15.90 -19%
Newell Battery Charger Canon LP-E5 - NL0319
Quality and safetyHigh performance controllers used and the charging process make that the device is...
€9.90 -48%
Newell Battery Charger AA/AAA 4 Channel, LED indicator - NL0513
Compatibility:AA, AAANi-MH, Ni-Cd (1.48 V) Set contents:Newell Smart A4 Urja charger for NiMH batte...
€14.90 -27%
Newell Battery Charger Nikon EN-EL14 Dual, with LED and Type-C & Micro USB ports - NL1958
Out of stock
Specification• power supply: micro USB / USB-C 5 V; 2.1 A• current: 8.4 V; 1 x 700 mA / 2 x 500 mA•...
€19.90 -25%
Newell Battery Charger for Canon LP-E17 - NL0048
Out of stock
Years of experience Mark Newell been on the market for many years and has a long list of satisfied c...
€9.90 -40%

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