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Anjou AJ-AD001 300ml, Oil Diffuser Aromatherapy Device, Adjustable 7 Color, Timer & Auto Shut-Off, Dark Grain

Essential Oil Diffuser Anjou AJ-AD001 Dark Grain


There is a lot to be said for the benefits of this diffuser, but most importantly, it is one of those things that simply spreads happiness.

Thanks to it, each space you love will become even more cozy and unique.

The delicate motif of the tree, the pleasant and minimalist shape of the drop are the details that seem to take us closer to nature.

And more precisely, it helps to create a small oasis of nature in our home.

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 •  Being in nature, inhaling the fresh forest air, immediately improves the mood and removes the troubled thoughts – this diffuser has the same power. It instantly creates a relaxing atmosphere and allows you to enjoy pleasant aromas.

 •  Have you noticed that camping in nature makes it much easier and more pleasant to fall asleep? Thanks to the evaporator, wetter and healthier air will also allow for better rest and improve sleep quality.

 •  Have you noticed that after a long walk in the park, staying in the fresh air, the skin seems to fill lives? The healthier air around us really has a positive effect on our skin as well. A moisturizing and improving diffuser is one of the easiest waysto takegood care of your skin.

 •  Nature awakens our imagination and helps to regain the joy of discovery. This evaporator is also not limited to one function. It is also suitable as a night light – you can choose from 7 colors!

 •  Even living in the very center of the city, we try to make the house decorated with at least one other plant, a flower blossom or a small bed of spices. The essential oil vaporizer is also a great interior detailthat provides not only an aesthetic look, but can also fill the house with a wide variety of plant, fruit or other selected oils.

 •  Nature protects us. This diffuser is made of harmless materials, has a safe design and has an automatic shut-off function as soon as the water level becomes insufficient.

 •  Nature we can all enjoy. This essential oil vaporizer is suitable for use by the whole family- both adults and children. Plus, it doesn’t have a negative impact on our beloved petseither.

Whether it’s your study, your bedroom, or maybe your office or gym, let in a bit of joy. After all, it is the best vitamin.




Technical specifications:

Capacity: 300 ml
Automatically shuts off when the water level is insufficient.
You can choose between 1, 3 and 6 hour timers or continuous operation.
Power source: DC 24V 650mA
Power: 13W max.
Water container capacity: 300ml
Operating time: up to 8 hours.
Amount of mist emitted: from 30ml to 50ml per hour
Operating frequency: 2.4 MHz
Material: PP + ABS
Weight: 420g
Color: dark brown, white



Additional Information


Weight 0.645 kg
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 16 cm

Ultrasonic technology

Water tank capacity, l 

Suitable for essential oils 

Auto Power off 

Customizable Mist 

Timer settings, H 

Dark wood, White


Product information

Package dimensions (W x H x D) 18 x 17 x 16 cm
Packing weight 1800 g
Barcode 6972103460583
MPN 20-01000-161

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