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Anker 767 PowerHouse Portable Power Station, 2300 W/2048 Wh, 220 AC, 100W USB-C PD with LiFeP04 Battery

  • Long-Lasting Technology, InfiniPower™
  • 2300W | 2048Wh
  • Expansion Battery—4096Wh
  • 1000W Solar Input
  • Fast Charging System, GaNPrime™
  • Portable and Durable
Brand: Anker
Sku: 407062
Availability: Out of stock
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Power for Anytime, Anywhere



Power Anything with
2048Wh | 2300W


Power 99% of Applicances

The portable power station is equipped with a massive 2048Wh capacity and huge 2300W AC ouput to conveniently power almost any appliance—from off-grid life essentials such as microwaves and refrigerators to pro tools like power drills and high output lights.


Double the Power with an Expansion Battery

With a massive 4096Wh capacity, you can charge longer, adventure further, and stay limitlessly powered at home or off the grid.


Battery Capacity Expands to 4096Wh


Appliances Usage Time 2 times faster


Battery Cost Reduction* 40%

*Data based on comparing two PowerHouse 767 units



Power High-Wattage Devices Simultaneously

Run high-demand devices and appliances such as a microwave, coffeemaker, and hairdryer at the same time up to 3600W without overloading the portable power station.



Catch the Sun

Anywhere the sun shines is a chance to harness green, endless solar power. With a maximum of 1000W solar input, you can recharge the portable power station outdoors quickly, conveniently, and sustainably.


Max Solar Input 1000w


Recharge to 100% in 2.5 Hours*

*Charging data is based on using five 200W solar panels



Long-Lasting. Safe.


Long-Lasting LiFePO4 Batteries

Equipped with EV-grade batteries that will remain healthy for up to 3,000 charge cycles or equivalent to 10 years of use.


Charge Cycles

LFP Batteries




Stable and Durable Components

Get a 6× longer device lifespan thanks to industrial-grade components, advanced circuit design, and a superior cooling system.


Device Lifespan

Industrial-Grade Electronic Components Standard


Other Consumer Electronics Components Standard


Unibody Drop-Proof Design

Impact-resistant, shock-proof, anti-UV, and flame retardant—Anker PowerHouse 767 is built to withstand even the toughest adventures.




Flame Retardant


Smart Temperature Control

A smart temperature control system monitors temperatures up to 100 times per second to eliminate overheating, so you can have total peace of mind when charging.

360° Temperature Sensors

100 Times/Sec Temperature Monitoring


Reduce Temperature By 30℃ (86°F)

Operating at 30℃ (86°F) lower temperatures, this drastic heat reduction ensures Anker PowerHouse 767 has the longest battery lifespan on the market and is the quietest high-powered generator you can bring everywhere.


Reduce Energy Loss By


Reduce Heat Dissipation By


Power a Greener Future

GaNPrime saves more than just energy – it also saves the environment. As the greenest, most sustainable power available to outdoor enthusiasts, Anker PowerHouse 767 is so efficient that it can save enough energy to power Berlin for 32 days*.



*If every active camper household in Germany used this portable power station in place of a non-GaN power station at the same wattage, the energy saved would be up to 561 gigawatt-hours a year, which could power Berlin for 32 days.


Durable and Portable Suitcase Design

Durable Wheels

Travel Far and Wide

Anker PowerHouse 767 brings power to anyplace you need it. Thanks to tough 4.72-inch wheels that can travel up to 125 miles, no obstacle or terrain can stop this portable power.


Durable Wheels



Travels Up to




EasyTow™️ Retractable Handle

Make Carrying a Breeze

Travel easier and avoid strenuous lifting, thanks to an extendable pull handle that's within close reach.


Retractable Handle Extends Up to

30000 Times


Supports Loads Up to

110.23lb (50kg)



Power You Can Count On—Always

Smart App

Power in Your Hands

Don’t get up from your comfy hammock—you have full control over Anker PowerHouse 767 right from the convenience of your phone.


Non-Stop Power with UPS

When engaged, the power station will automatically shut down any output port once a connected device has been fully charged.



Less Waste, More Power

  • Smart AC Plug

    If no device is connected to the AC outlet for 15 minutes, the power station will automatically shut down the AC output to conserve power.

  • Power Saving Mode

    Keep your most essential devices always-on during a power outage. Anker PowerHouse 767 ensures continuous power as an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with switchover time under 20ms.



Product information

Product weight 23560 g
Package dimensions (W x H x D) 54 x 31 x 44 cm
Packing weight 24000 g
Barcode 194644107062
MPN A1780311

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