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Baseus Adaman Metal 20000 PD 65W USB-C Power Bank 20.000mAh Power Delivery / QC4+ / PPS, Blue

Baseus Powerbank PPIMDA-D03

Thanks to the product from Baseus you will quickly charge your laptop or phone. The device supports Power Delivery 65W fast charging protocol, so your MacBook battery will be fully charged in just 2 hours. The powerbank is equipped with two USB output ports and USB-C and micro USB output/input ports.


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 Baseus Adaman Metal 20000 PD 65W USB-C Power Bank 20.000mAh Power Delivery / QC4+ / PPS



Fast charging

Baseus brand powerbank supports fast charging technology and is compatible with devices such as, for example, Huawei or Apple, allowing you to charge 50% of your battery in just half an hour. Charging powerbank PPIMDA-D03 is 5 times faster compared to other models, it takes only 2 hours. With a 20000mAh battery, you only need to charge the PPIMDA-D03 once and you can use it to renew your devices power up to 7 times (for Apple 8).




Elegant design

The powerbank is made of metal which gives it an elegant look and makes it resistant to damage. The LED display, which resembles the shape of a drop of water, informs you about the voltage and current, as well as the battery status.





The lithium polymer battery ensures safe use. The product protects your device from overcharging, discharging, overcurrent, overheating, etc. Moreover, the powerbank is CE and FC safety certified. In addition, the product can be brought on board airplanes of all airlines.








Brand Baseus
Model PPIMDA-D03
Capacity 20000mAh
Input current 
micro USB 5V-2A, 9V-2A

USB Type C: 5V-3A, 9V-2A, 12V-3A, 15V-3A, 20V-3A

Output current 
USB1: 4.5V-5A 5V-4.5A 5V-3A, 9V-2A, 12V-1.5A

USB2: 5V-3A, 9V-3A, 12V-2.5A

USB Type C: 5V-3A, 9V-3A, 12V-3A, 15V-3A, 20V-3.25A

USB1+USB2: 5V-3A

USB Type C+USB1/USB2: 45W+18W





To download

Product information

Product weight 440 g
Package dimensions (W x H x D) 24 x 16 x 6 cm
Packing weight 460 g
Barcode 6953156204331

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