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Baseus Compact 2-Port Socket Charger 20W with Power Delivery and Quick Charge 3.0, Black - CCXJ-B01

 •  Do you use two different devices which require you to use two chargers? You always have to remember to take a suitable one with you, which is irritating. If you choose Baseus product, you will no longer need to worry about taking a wrong charger. This is thanks to a gadget with two different ports so that you can use it for many devices.
 •  Thanks to Baseus charger, you no longer need to carry two charges. It is attributable to the special design. The upper part of the plug holds two USB ports, one type C and the other type A. Based on this solution, you can resign from two independent chargers and choose one, which is substantially more useful and takes less space in a handbag or backpack. Another advantage of this offer is possibility of charging two devices at a time with the use of one socket.
 •  Do you value short time while charging your devices? Please be informed that the charger supports quick technologies so that you can instantly charge your equipment. And not one, but two devices at a time – this is thanks to a dual port in the upper part of the gadget.
 •  Baseus charger is a very useful product. Quick charging is one of its main strong points. Inside the product you can find a chip whose main role is to make sure your devices never overcharge. A small and handy size of the charger will let you take it with you anywhere you go.
 •  2 in 1 Baseus Quick Charger fast charging Type-C USB Comfortable with iOS

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Baseus Compact Fast USB / USB Type C Charger 20W 3A Power Delivery Quick Charge 3.0



The most important features:

•  Small and handy design
•  Two USB connectors (C and A)
•  Fast charging support


Compact quick charger Baseus U + C 20W EU



Do you use two different devices for which you need two chargers? It's tedious to remember to bring the right one with you. However, deciding on a solution from the Baseus brand, from now on you will not have to worry about the situation that you took the wrong charger for your equipment. All thanks to the gadget that has two different connectors, so you can use it for many devices.


Great versatility



The charger from Baseus will allow you to resign from carrying two chargers with you. All thanks to a special design. In the upper part of the plug there are two USB inputs, the first of which is type C, while the second is type A.




Thanks to this solution, you can give up two separate chargers and replace it with one, which is definitely more practical and takes up less space in your purse or backpack.





An additional advantage of this solution is the ability to charge two devices at the same time, occupying only one socket.



Fast charging included



Do you care about time while charging your devices? You may find it helpful to know that the charger supports fast technologies, so you can charge your equipment in a very short time.


In addition, not one, but two at the same time - all thanks to the double connector at the top of the gadget.


The ability to charge two devices at the same time, occupying only one socket.





The Baseus charger is an extremely useful gadget. Fast charging is one of its main advantages. There is also a chip inside, the main task of which is to ensure that the devices do not get overcharged.







The small and handy dimensions of the charger will allow you to always take it with you.


The built-in smart identification chip automatically recognizes the device by adjusting the optimal charging power. In addition, the device is disconnected from the power supply at full charge, which is reliable protection against overloads and ensures longer battery life.



Product information

Product weight 129 g
Package dimensions (W x H x D) 7 x 4 x 12 cm
Packing weight 138 g
Barcode 6953156207233

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