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Dreame L10 Ultra Smart Robot Vacuum / Mopping Cleaner, 5300Pa & Auto Mop Cleaning, White

Fully Automated Cleaning - The L10 Ultra features an advanced DualBoost 2.0 auto-drain system, automatic cleaning and drying of the mop, and automatic water addition. This allows for a hands-free cleaning experience, leaving you with clean floors when you come home.


60 Days of Hands-Free Cleaning - Our exclusive DualBoost 2.0 car-draining system pushes air into the robot dust box and sucks it through a separate valve to prevent blockages. This drains hair, dirt, and dust into an extra-large 3-liter bag, providing up to 60 days of hands-free cleaning.


Mops are washed and dried - When the mops get dirty, the L10 Ultra automatically returns to the base station, where it scrubs them on the nubs of the base plate. It then washes and dries them, so they're always ready to use.


Powerful vacuuming for thorough cleaning - With a strong suction power of 5,300 Pa, the L10 Ultra absorbs dirt throughout your home. The mops are raised by 7mm when carpets or carpets are touched, and suction power increases to keep them dry and clean, ensuring thorough cleaning.


LiDAR Navigation and Detailed Control - The L10 Ultra features improved LiDAR navigation and an advanced algorithm, allowing it to quickly create an editable 3D map and plan the most efficient cleaning path. This ensures the robot can expertly clean and navigate your home with ease.

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Mop Self Cleaning


L10 Ultra washes its mops so dirt gets washed away, not pushed around on your floors. When done cleaning your home, the mops get washed again and dried so your robot is primed and ready for the next cleanup.


Auto-Empties for up to 60 Days. Ultrasonic Carpet Detection.

Auto-Empties for up to 60 Days.

DualBoost 2.0 empties hair and dirt into a large 3L dust bag to simplify your cleanup. All you have to do is toss the bag.

Ultrasonic Carpet Detection.

Carpets are cleaned deeply and kept dry thanks to L10 Ultra’s advanced carpet recognition technology that avoids carpets when mopping and raises the mop pads 7mm and boosts suction when vacuuming.

Tangle-Resistant Rubber Brush Rapid, Detailed 3D Mapping

Tangle-Resistant Rubber Brush

A bristleless rubber brush shakes up the dirt, dust, and debris lying deep within carpets and rugs and resists hair tangling.

Rapid, Detailed 3D Mapping

An advanced LiDAR system quickly generates a detailed map of your home and plans efficient cleaning paths to make your home clean all over.


Mops. Scrubs. Cleans. Keeps on Mopping Dedicated App Say the Word to Clean

Mops. Scrubs. Cleans.

2 rotary mops spin under pressure at high-speed to handle tough messes. Mops spills and scrubs stains for impressive hard floor cleaning.

Keeps on Mopping

Automatically returns to the base station to refill water. The 2.5L Clean Water Tank provides ample water to mop floors throughout your home.

Dedicated App

Take control with app. Segment rooms, choose your suction power, manage your water and mop washing, set no-go zones, spot clean, and more.

Say the Word to Clean

Automatic cleaning at the tip of your tongue. Start, pause, or stop your cleaning with a word.


Product information

Product weight 16000 g
Package dimensions (W x H x D) 51 x 46 x 53 cm
Packing weight 24867 g
Barcode 6973734683716

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