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RAF R5328 Air Fryer, XXL Air Fryer for Healthy Cooking, with Cooking Control Glass, 1600W, 8 Preset Menus & Touch Panel

  •  RAF R5328 XXL Air Fryer, for quick & healthy cooking!
  • It comes equipped with 5 preset menus, for perfect baking results and a large capacity to prepare your favorite foods for the whole family.


    ✔️ Cook healthy and delicious meals easily and quickly with minimal cleaning, with the XXL air fryer from RAF.


✔️ The cooking pot is easy to clean without sticking, as it can also be washed in the dishwasher

✔️ It is equipped with a large and stylish digital touch control panel that makes it easy and simple to choose the cooking method, with functions such as: Air Fry, Grill, Bake, Bake and Dehydrate. So versatile to cook on busy days when you're looking for something quick, tasty and healthy, but at the same time ideal for more formal and special occasions - the XXL RAF AirFryer will undoubtedly make you smile in every choice!


✔️Integrated window with glass to monitor and control the food you are cooking, without having to open it every now and then, thus interrupting the cooking process.

✔️With a specially designed grill rack that allows heat to circulate under the food, cooking carefully and at the same time very quickly.


✔️  5 preset menus for 5 different types of frying that undoubtedly make it the ideal small but powerful addition to your kitchen.


✔️ Its large and spacious bin makes it ideal for a family.

You can make everything from fish, steak, chicken, vegetables, potatoes, pizza to muffins, or anything else you would put in your oven.

It does all this in half the time of a conventional oven.

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RAF R5328 Air Fryer XXL 1600W, 5 Preset Menus & Touch Panel






In a nutshell

• 1600W
• Touch control. All keys are tactile
• Removable bucket for easy cleaning
• The bucket comes in a protective blue nylon. It must be removed before use.




☑ Lower Fat: Reduces fat in food by up to 90% compared to traditional frying.

☑ Fewer Calories: Minimizes calorie intake as it reduces the use of oil.

☑ Preservation of Nutrients: The rapid flow of air preserves the nutrients in food.


☑ Fast Cooking: Thanks to the speed of the air fryer, you can prepare a meal in less than half an hour, saving not only time, but also electricity.


☑ Flexibility in Nutrition: You can bake, fry and do perfect roasting in the same device.

☑ Ease of Cleaning: The non-stick coating and the existence of a removable bucket that you can remove and wash, makes its use even easier and more pleasant.






Forget the dips in the oil and the guilt, because with this device you will have the perfect, light and delicious alternative!


With a powerful 1600W motor and high speed airflow technology, the RAF air fryer cooks quickly with little to no oil, removing excess fat.


It has 5 preset menus, which means that depending on what you want to make, the RAF airfryer can automatically set the cooking time and temperature to achieve the ideal cooking.
At the same time, on the device you will see suggested cooking time and temperature for various foods.


It has a large capacity and you can prepare food for at least 4 people.


At the same time, it gives you the possibility to monitor your food through a special front glass. You no longer need to open and close the bin to see if your food is ready, losing the temperature and stopping the air flow.


Now, you can monitor the progress of your food throughout the cooking process, ensuring perfect results every time.








It's the perfect combination of technology and practicality!



Product information

Product weight 4200 g
Package dimensions (W x H x D) 39 x 38 x 39 cm
Packing weight 5200 g
Barcode 6975069405087
MPN R.5328 6.8L

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