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Rivacase Torngat 5736 Cooler bag 30L, Waterproof, Grey

Cooler (lunch) bag for 54 * 330 ml cans (36 * 500 ml cans)
Size 43*36,5*22 cm / Inner volume 30 L

• Developed to carry 500 ml cans (and typical 2 L PET bottles)
• Compact storage system without outside parts
• Inner mesh pocket
• 3 outer pockets
• Light color to reduce heating under sun
• Dirt-resistant and water repellent outside fabric
• Leakproof lining
• Adjustableremovable padded shoulder strap with a reliable fixture in the bottom of the bag

Brand: Rivacase
Sku: 773983
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Designed with the upmost attention to detail, this stylish Torngat cooler bag comes in a smooth space grey and fits several 500ml cans and 2L PET bottles. Capacious, multi-functional and durable, you will travel with everything you need, perfectly chilled, all in one place.


Any user of any picnic bag or water cooler will know that spillages inside the bag are inevitable. When carrying around large numbers of fluids or when discarding empty packets and bottles after you've finished, or simply when you're carrying ice with you, it is very difficult to avoid liquids ending up in the bag. What is essential though is to prevent these liquids leaking into your car or out of the bag and onto your clothes. That is why we have ensured that our cooler bags are 100% leakproof. So you can continue on your trip in the peace of mind that neither your car nor your clobber will be made dirty.




It is important when choosing a cooler bag to make sure that it has been designed to be ergonomically effective in the conditions you will use it in. Too many times we have seen and used bags that seem to be better designed for the high-street than for the hike up the hill. With this Torngat bag however, we have made sure that it is perfectly suited to the outdoor and rugged conditions it might find itself in. That is why we have created it out of a dirt-resistant and water-repellant fabric, so that should you end up in a muddier area or get caught out in a shower, your bag won't become dirty or weigh you down.


The problem with hard-cased cooler bags, but really any cooler bag in general, is that you aren't necessarily using it every day. And because of this, you want to be able to store it away efficiently. Even the best cooler bag in the world can become a hindrance if it is taking up too much space in your home. That is why this Torngat range is foldable, meaning that it will require far less space. Carefully designed, the compact storage system of the bag will mean that you can quickly and easily tuck it away in your cupboard or storage space and know that your bag isn't taking up more than its fair share of room.



Product information

Product weight 930 g
Package dimensions (W x H x D) 44 x 23 x 10 cm
Packing weight 940 g
Barcode 4260403573983
MPN 5736 30 L

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