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Stryve Towell+ Pro Sports Towel 105 x 42.5cm, with Magnetic Clip & Pocket, Bright White

Stryve Towell+ is considered the most ideal towel for sports and fitness worldwide! 

Now, it comes in a larger size and upgraded design!

 These are the reasons that make it the most sustainable choice:

- It has a magnetic clip, so you can attach it to fitness equipment while you are exercising

- Features a pocket for small items and accessories, with a built-in compartment for mounting a mobile phone

- It's designed with attention to detail: premium quality zero twist cotton and a sleek design with the range's logo


🐨 Did you know that...

The koala diet is very selective. In fact, they only feed on fresh eucalyptus leaves. An enzyme in their body makes them resistant against the toxins they contain!


- With every purchase of Towell+ Pro, Stryve donates a portion of the proceeds to save Australia's koalas -

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♬ πρωτότυπος ήχος - zioginio
Sports Towel Magnet Clip Towell+ Pro

Magnetic clip: for easy attachment to gym equipment and other metal surfaces. Towell+ Pro, by adopting this simple but effective way of working on magnetic and metallic surfaces, has made it possible for you to use the Towell+ Pro on metallic surfaces and other surfaces. 

mechanism, can always be in a convenient, accessible location.

Practical Case: Put your keys, gym membership card and other small parts and accessories in it and you're ready for a workout.

The special feature of the Pro+ version is the premium cotton material around the pocket.

Fitness Towel Bag Sport
Towell+ Sport Towel for Fitness

Internal pocket for the mobile phone: The case has an individual pocket for smartphone placement.

The perforated construction material is touch responsive and allows you to easily access the functions of the device without having to remove it from the case.

Non-slip holder: prevents the Towell+ Pro from falling off the gym equipment. Attach it to the headrest or gym equipment ramp for even easier access and to limit the transfer and spread of germs. Slip Sleeve Gym Towel
Gym Side Skin Side Towel Training

Upgraded Design: the Towell+ Pro is designed to perfectly balance ergonomics and hygiene.

- A smart design, for easy placement on instruments and surfaces.

- Easy-to-use magnetic tag for attachment to gym equipment

- Larger size - 105 cm

High quality materials: The latest version of the sports towel is made from premium Zero Twist cotton with a magnetic clip that holds heavy objects in place with neodymium magnets. High Quality Gym Workout Towel



Product information

Product weight 350 g
Package dimensions (W x H x D) 18 x 7 x 28 cm
Packing weight 706 g
Barcode 4260498340910
MPN P00100207

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