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Ugreen Vertical Laptop Stand, Vertical Aluminum Base, with Adjustable Thickness, for Laptop / Macbook / Macbook Air, Gray - 20471

  • Color: grey
  • Material: anodized aluminum
  • Very high quality workmanship with attention to detail.
  • The perfect solution for portable devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones
  • Provides a stable support for laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • Dedicated to: MacBook, PC, Tablet

The universal vertical laptop stand is the perfect solution to keep your desk or table tidy. Made with a modern twist, the stand is an elegant addition to your desk and an elegant addition to your workplace.


The use of light and durable aluminum makes the product durable and looks very aesthetic, which becomes an elegant element of office and home furnishings.

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Great flexibility and wide compatibility

The possibility of adjustment allows for great use of this stand for laptops, the width of which varies between 13mm and 38mm, such as MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Microsoft Surface, Dell XPS, HP Envy and many more.


Turn your laptop into a desktop computer

Place your MacBook on the stand, plug in an external monitor, keyboard and mouse, and you're done - you have a fully functional, comfortable workstation in front of you. When you unplug your MacBook at the end of your work, a specially designed stand holder keeps all cables in their place. Ugreen stand fits all current MacBook models, and three replaceable inserts guarantee its compatibility even if you decide to change your MacBook to another.


Unique docking station

The Ugreen stand allows you to use a convenient, but little-known mode of MacBook operation called "closed-clamshell mode". In combination with an external monitor, keyboard and mouse, this allows you to create a practical workstation - just connect the necessary peripherals, e.g. a wide screen for editing large-format photos or a separate numeric keypad. The Ugreen stand will help you regain valuable space on your desk and bring order to it.


Convenience of working with one screen

Are you working with your MacBook in dual-screen mode? Try a setup with a closed laptop and one monitor. Research shows that this helps with concentration, reduces workplace clutter, and even improves image display performance as all available video memory is concentrated on a single screen. With the Ugreen stand, you can work more efficiently without sacrificing your own comfort.


Product information

Product weight 640 g
Package dimensions (W x H x D) 16 x 6 x 9 cm
Packing weight 700 g
Barcode 6957303824717
MPN 20471

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