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Zhiyun Fiveray M20 Bi-Color Combo, Portable LED Camera Light, Bi-Color 2700k~6500k, 20W with 10 Light Effects

ZHIYUN FIVERAY M20 Combo LED Photography Continuous Lighting 20W Bi-Color 2700K-6500K with Magnetic Barn Door Diffuser CRI 95+ TLCI 97+


About this item

  • No bigger than a sticky note, yet it packs a mighty 20W punch with high-power output, professional dimming, and innovative features. Within its sleek design lies a world of creative potential, ensuring every snap and masterpiece is nothing short of stunning.
  • Experience the next-level lighting with a realm of reduced flicker and expanded color temperature choices. Equipped with built-in Green-Magenta control that tailors your shoot's ambiance to perfection, and the memory feature that takes you on a quick switch to immediately revisit your preferred lighting ambiance. Ideal lighting setup crafted instantly. ZHIYUN FIVERAY M20:2700K-6500K;TLCI ≥97, CRI≥95;Peak Illuminance: 2010Lux.
  • Breaking through the cooling limits. The ZHIYUN FIVERAY M20 series boasts the exclusive DynaVort Cooling System MARK II, significantly slimming down the heat sink thickness, optimizing airflow, and reducing drag. Challenge conventions and enjoy uninterrupted, professional-grade cooling and illumination every time.
  • Experience cinematic excellence with our premier lighting accessories. The dual-side extension bracket and cold shoe allow users to attach individual diffuser, honeycomb grids, 4-leaf barn doors or make combinations for diffused, focused, or shaped lighting. And with endless daisy-chaining, orchestrating a pro lighting ensemble has never been easier.
  • The fill light's adaptability doesn't just fit into your setup—it enhances it. Using with the all-new dedicatedly designed extension accessories, ZHIYUN FIVERAY M20 series effortlessly magnetizes to tables, walls, and even vehicles. Combined with camera adaptors and extension poles, you're set for any creative challenge.
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Product Description






Battery capacity 4500mAh
Power 20W
Color temperature range 2700 k ~ 6500 k
brightness illumination 529lx (1m distance)
TLCI index 97+
CRI color rendering index (RA) 95+
Charging time 2H
Continuous use time 40MIN



Product information

Barcode 6970194088099
MPN C040034ABR2

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