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Ufesa EasyOpen Corkscrew Professional Wine Opener, 4pcs Wine Accessory Set with Electric Opener

  • •  Elegance and simplicity: Ufesa EasyOpen is a complete set consisting of: - an electric corkscrew, - an air suction cap for creating the vacuum and the unfinished bottles in the best condition - a decanter that also serves to pour the wine perfectly thanks to its leak-proof system. Kids The capsule cutter also serves as a bottle opener USB type C charging cable EasyOpen is compatible with most wine bottles
    •  Performance and practicability: Works with long life Ni-MH battery and rechargeable USB Type-C cable in the set. The battery is enough to open more than 50 bottles on a single charge
  • •  Simplicity Wonderful accessory for all wine lovers. A different object from the classic wine bottle opener, which also adds a touch of elegance to your romantic evenings, friends or family. With EasyOpen you simply press 2 buttons and in less than 8 seconds you can remove the cap and prevent the risk of breakage. The set features an LED light for easy opening and provides a relaxing and romantic environment and an LED indicator to indicate usage and battery level
    •  Excellent materials: The Ufesa EasyOpen set is made of ABS plastic and aluminium alloy housing. The vacuum seal for storing open bottles is made of silicone rubber and provides perfect insulation. The surface of the bottle opener is smooth and gentle to touch, while the decanter is made of acrylic material, making it transparent and durable
    •  The perfect gift: The elegant design makes it a perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas gift, Mother's Day gift, Father's Day gift, housewarming gift, bachelor party and many other occasions
Brand: Ufesa
Sku: 454709
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Great accessory for wine lovers!
Add elegance to your space.

The careful selection of materials makes this set extremely sophisticated.


A useful set, an elegant gift.


The set includes a film cutter that can be used as a corkscrew stand, an electric corkscrew with a USB battery and LED light, a carafe and a vacuum stopper



Create a unique atmosphere in your evenings.


This stylish set is also suitable as a gift for men or women and for special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas gifts or housewarming gifts



4 easy steps to use the EasyOpen electric corkscrew
1. Open the bottle cap
2. Pull out the cork (in less than 8 seconds)
3. Insert the carafe to aerate and pour the wine
4. Store unfinished bottles with the handy vacuum cap

Product information

Product weight 1100 g
Package dimensions (W x H x D) 8 x 6 x 21 cm
Packing weight 160 g
Barcode 8422160054709
MPN 73205470

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